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Kamalia was a town in the district and tehsil of Montgomery, Punjab, 27 miles west of Montgomery town, and 14 miles from Chichawatni station on the North-Western Railway. In the reign of Abraheem Lodhi, Khan Kamal Khan Kharal, aristocrat of area Fateh Noor along with his family left home for Dehli and he met in the Jungle Nawab Rai Hamand of Hindal Nagri who was also Kharal. Being commoner, they drew near each other and Khan Kamal Khan Kharal stayed there for some time. Meanwhile, Khan Kamal Khan presented a sheet of cloth to Hazrat Shah Husain and he predicted the happy news of Ravi Desh for him which came true. Abraheem Lodhi dethroned Hamand because of his being in old age and appointed Khan Kamal Khan Kharal the ruler of Hindal Nagri. In 1526 Abraheem Lodhi was killed by Zaheer-ud-Din Babar. These days, Khan Kamal Khan Kharal was also killed by the sons of Rai Hamand. Then, a year later, the son of Khan Kamal Khan took revenge of his father’s murder. Then he, in place of deserted Nagri of Raja Sarcup, founded a settlement Kote Kamal Khan after the name of his father Khan Kamal Khan Kharal, today the same is Kamalia.. In the Indian Rebellion of 1857, it was one of the sites of an uprising by the local people, who held it for a week. It had a population of 6976 in 1901. It was identified by Cunningham as one of the towns taken by Alexander the Great in 325BC.


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