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Administrative Setup - Kamalia

Administrative Setup

Chief Officer

People of Kamalia will have access to clean drinking water for all day long along with the provision of other facilities at their doorstep.

Muhammad Tahir Farooq

Municipal Committee Kamalia facilitate its citizen towards sustainable economic growth, infrastructure development, social development and municipal services excellence. MC Kamalia promises to provide the basic amenities to general public with full dedication, commitment and exuberance and always striving hard to create business conducive environment, Citizen Centric (Baldia to Citizen) environment and implementation of E-Governance initiatives. MC Kamalia plans to establish orderly development, well maintained infrastructure and efficient delivery of social services to its people.

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Chief Officer
M. Tahir Farooq

Umar Nawaz

MO (Infrastructure)

Hafiz Masood Jilani

MO (F)

Muhammad Zuhair


Muhammad Aslam


M. Mohsin Raza

IT Officer

Badar Ali

Public Information Officer
(In-charge Complaint Cell)
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